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    solar energy system

    About Us

    Brihat energy is India’s leading integrated solar energy solutions company driven by the vision of clean energy and a green planet. Brihat Energy provides services for solar power projects and creating innovative solar products, determined to bring energy specially to the remote, off-grid parts of india.

    We are committed to provide you with the best energy solutions for your home or office. Our solutions are designed to meet your everyday needs ensuring the best returns on your investment, whether it is solar energy solutions, LED lighting solutions, surveillance and security solutions, uninterrupted power solutions, or energy audit to optimize your energy consumption and reducing energy costs.

    Solar energy system for your home is one of the best investment that allows you to save money by turning on clean and free energy, protects you against cost fluctuations, and increases the value of your property. Our team is driven by the passion to bring power to the most remote, off-grid places in India and realize the dream of a progressive India by harnessing the power of sun and provide access to solar energy for everyone.

    Our LED lighting solutions for homes, offices or public spaces are geared towards better energy conservation and more efficient consumption. LED lighting solutions allow you to reduce your energy needs and thereby costs by up to 40%.

    We understand the need for security and surveillance in the modern world and our solutions are geared to suit all your requirements. Our dedicated team of experts is adept at providing innovative security and surveillance solutions for varied applications and setups.

    With a highly skilled team of technicians and engineers, Brihat energy offers cost effective solutions for uninterrupted power supply. Our consultants are passionate about energy conservation and are keen to help you realize your goals in energy conservation and optimizing your energy consumptions leading to huge savings on your energy bills.


    Our mission is to provide the best energy solutions suited to all your needs and to be the most trusted solar power company in India. Our solutions are poised to help you become a champion of a greener earth and clean energy. We build the world’s most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine.


    Brihat vision is to create a planet run by the sun-because we know it’s the one world-which can change lives from darkness to light.