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    Energy Audit

    An energy audit is a thorough inspection and analysis of energy flows for the purpose of energy conservation without negatively affecting the outputs. An energy audit is the very first step for individual households and commercial entities to identify opportunities of reduction in energy expenses and carbon footprints.

    A home energy audit involves recording various factors that affect energy consumption in a residential setting, including walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and assessing efficiency, and physical condition of HVAC equipment, etc. with the aim to find better ways to enhance energy efficiency of the house.

    While the overall concept remains constant as in a residential energy audit, industrial energy audits require a slightly different set of benchmarks. Apart from weatherproofing, insulation and HVAC equipment, industrial applications like lighting and production equipment use most of the energy in an industrial setup and therefore, are the primary cause of concern in industrial energy audits.

    As the costs increase, a demand to lower consumption and move towards renewable and sustainable energy sources make energy audits an essential component of budgetary requirements. Its importance increases in industrial setups as energy spendings account for nearly 10% of an average manufacturer’s expenses.

    Our consultants are passionate about energy conservation and are keen to help you realize your goals in energy conservation and optimizing your energy consumptions leading to huge savings on your energy bills.

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