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    Solar Power Solutions

    Brihat energy is India’s leading integrated solar energy solutions company providing innovative solar power solutions for residential and commercial needs. Our team of expert technicians and engineers are driven by the vision of clean energy and a green planet.

    Residential and commercial entities need steady access to power for various needs. Solar energy is ideal for new constructions as well as for retrofitting in older buildings. The system consists of modular arrays that are easy to install and can be sized according to varied energy needs. These modules enhance the flexibility of the system, allowing compatibility with a wide range of roof designs and materials. Our engineers and technicians are well versed with a wide experience in installing solar energy systems in different conditions and are always equipped to handle any challenge that a new installation requirement may throw in their direction.

    Solar rooftop systems begin at 100 watts and go up to 100+ kilowatts to meet the needs of a typical nuclear family of 4 members in urban/semi-urban homes or for commercial purposes, as required. Home usage of grid electricity can be balanced by installing a 1KW solar rooftop system that enables savings up to about Rs. 8,500 per year. When used in off-grid locations, solar energy can help save fuel costs by up to about Rs. 50,000 per year and provide access to clean, renewable energy.

    Renewable energy sources like solar power are abundant and generally unlimited in availability and offer a greater potential for a cleaner future for planet Earth. Along with the many cost saving and environmental benefits, the Government of India extends subsidies that are available to anyone interested in installing solar energy systems for home or office use. NABARD, along with notified public sector banks, provides these subsidies for installation of solar energy systems in order to bridge the gap in the energy needs of a progressive India.

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