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    Solar Thermal Solutions

    At Brihat Energy, we believe in the simplest, cost-effective design and engineering solutions that work for you. Solar thermal solutions from Brihat Energy allow residential and commercial buildings to obtain water heating and boiling through solar collectors, thereby reducing their dependence on grid electricity and affecting a significant reduction in energy costs for heating purposes.

    Solar thermal solutions are an excellent way to augment energy efficiency of existing HVAC systems of a building. It uses the abundant solar heat provided by the sun and is different from solar PV systems that convert sun’s radiation into electricity.

    We offer comprehensive solar thermal solutions suited for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional requirements. Our technology and designs are among the best in the industry and we take immense pride in our world class product, design, engineering and our expert services.

    Our engineers have the ability and the experience to customize solar thermal solutions to the exact specifications of each individual customer brief. As a result, not only do we have the best products and engineering expertise, but our team of experts is extremely proficient in design consultancy services starting from site assessment to design and conceptualization, delivery and installation support.

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