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    Brihat Energy is devoted to building strong, strategic partnership with some of the leading product manufacturers to fulfil our commitment of providing you with the best energy solutions for your home and office. These new beginnings allow us to share knowledge and opportunities with the best in the business, and bring the most cutting edge solutions in solar energy to your doorstep.

    The true value of a partnership is recognized by enabling the flow of knowledge and talent to enhance innovation. Together with these strategic partners, Brihat Energy will test and expand towards new horizons while bringing the best products and services to our customers.

    Our strategic partners include:

    Honeywell Electrical Devices and Systems India Limited for state-of-the-art Solar Water Heating Solutions that allow you to save over Rs. 100,000 per year on water heating bills

    Shan Solar Pvt. Ltd. for the latest technologically advanced PV cells with sturdy anodized aluminum frame design and hollow profile that allows water drainage, corner-key locking and edge sealing to ensure superior torsional resistance and longevity in adverse climatic conditions.

    Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd. for highly advanced Solar Luminaries that provide maximum output for minimum energy consumptions and allow the most optimum usage of solar energy solutions for home and office.

    Emerson Network Power (I) Pvt. Ltd. for cutting-edge Energy Export Units to suit every home and business need with a complete range of On-Grid and Off-Grid solar inverters. Emerson’s technology provides high degree of energy reliability and energy bill reduction for the consumer to ensure maximum returns on investment.

    Brihat Energy is constantly looking to build stronger collaborative partnerships with leading global manufacturers of solar energy solutions. We are eager to work with our partners collaboratively to design the most creatively inspired solar energy solutions for each of our customers.

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