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    Why Brihat

    Smart phones, Smart technology, Smart innovations. So why are we still in the dark when it comes to energy?

    That’s what drives Brihat to innovate solar energy in a simple, inexpensive and hazel free… .

    Our Approach

    Your home isn’t like anybody else’s and a one-size-fits-all solar solution won’t lower your bills like Brihat can. That’s why we customize every system we install to fit our customers’ homes, lifestyles, and savings goals.

    To do it, we created our own design technology that lets us quickly design a custom solar system with just a few pieces of information and image of your roof. Team Brihat on an expedited basis will combine and offer you a potential designs, along with maximum energy production.

    Life Time Support

    From documentation to monitoring to repairs, our world-class customer care team does it all. We use product from world class manufacturers, which means you get an affordable system, lowest utility bills for the next 25 years, from a green and clean environment.

    • What if something breaks?
      You pay nothing.. Because we cover all your system’s maintenance, plus we take care of all documentation, scheduling and more. With Brihat you’ll never pay anything for repairs in warranty.
    • What if the panels stop working?
      With Brihat best in class monitoring system we’ll probably know before you do. Our team monitors your solar production so that you don’t have to think twice about it. If something happens, we get alerted and contact you ASAP, figure out the cause and get it fixed with no extra charges.
    • What if something happens to my roof during or after installation?
      That’s covered too! Your contract includes a roof warranty, which protects your roof from leaks. Not all solar companies offer a warranty.
    • What if I need to contact on a query?
      Don’t worry. We don’t have impersonal overseas call centres with prewritten scripts. Instead, we have really smart techies who will address all your concerns with minimum turnaround time, Brihat offers the best in world class customer care.

    Service & Warranty Guarantee.

    No false-talking disclaimers. No lawyers required. Our guarantee is simple—if it breaks, we’ll fix it.

    If you need to talk, we’ll answer the phone. We’re talking real support, a great customer care team, and all the cool technology you can rely on.

    Here are just a few of the other benefits you receive when you’re part of the Brihat family:

    • A customized system, sized by our experts to give you the optimum amount of electricity for your lifestyle 24/7.
    • Peace of mind knowing that we insures the system.
    • Professional-grade monitoring, so you know that everything’s working great and that any issues will be taken care of quickly.
    • The best customer care. In fact, you’ll always talk to a live person.